Main Services

Stone items supply

Ayyappa agri farm is a leading distributor of Natural Stones. We are a complete Natural Stone One Stop Shop. The company specializes in distribution of Natural Stones. We supply a large variety of patterns, colors and styles to make the walls look beautiful and elegant.

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Manure supply from all brands

Organic Manure plays an instrumental role in growth of plants. The organic content acts as a catalyst to effectively absorb the food available thus enhancing the quality of plant food. Organic Manure act as a good soil conditioner thus creating a better drainage system, enabling sufficient absorption of water.

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Pots and planters

Being able to raise plants and vegetables in containers gives homeowners, and even people living in apartments, many versatile gardening options. They are mobile and fairly easy to maintain when you know all of the right tricks. Whether you live in a home or apartment, your container gardens will give your home and garden a burst of color and freshness.

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